Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Time flies! All the sudden, I have set up this blog for a year now. I promise, more and more fashion will be brought to you by BACK AND BACK in the future.

10 Best Looks from Milan Fashion Week S/S 2011

Roberto Cavalli
Very modern hippies look. Especially love the pants with all the details which create a lot of movement when you walk with it.

Very stylish dandy suit look. The floral appliques on the mini skirt add a sense of femininity to a boyish dandy look. Bravo!

Extremely detailed cocktail dress. With the tribal style and metal like fabric - just gorgeous!

Francesco Scognamiglio
I don't know what kind of fabric is that. But it creates a sense of goddess. Amazingly well done!

Jil Sander
Nice color print. But the thing that caught my eyes is the bottom of the dress which creates a strong shape.

Tribal print just can't go wrong. Etro proves it.

The feather mini dress is already very good. With the long train behind strenghten the whole look.

Marco de Vincenzo
Love the sequinned details that all over the shirt and dress, and the colors are matched very nicely

Baby white feather top is a nice item to have in your wardrobe.

Ms Miuccia Prada gave us a lot of colors and stripe in the next season which is very nice.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cute Prada Shoes

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Spotted a pair of very cute shoes from Prada womenswear S/S 2011. It's like an inch higher than the men version we have seen in the mens show. Yet, I think is cuter, and not only women would love it but also men do (I am one of them). Just wear a pair of Bermuda shorts with the shoes, and it's an easy summer look for 2011

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tie Bar

photo from GQ
Not only women follow celebrities' style constantly, men do so (at least I am). Seeing Ryan Reynolds with a bright orange tie bar - looking cool, it instantly becomes my must-have item in my shopping list.

The only problem is where can I buy the bright color one but not the gold grandpa style tie bar?

10 Best Looks from London Fashion Week S/S 2011

Mary Katrantzous
Amazing collection! Thanks to Mary, girls now can wear their dream house on. First time that Illusion meets fabric.

Mary Katrantzous
Very strong collection. The soft color and the digital print create a spring breeze.

Roksanda Ilincic
Incredible soft fabric creates a sense of femininity. It's like a flower.

Emilio de la Morena
Organic shape dress with metal accessories which highlighted the whole look perfectly.

This is a very nice laced look I have seen so far.

Mark Fast
The thin fringe on the bottom of dress is so nice. It could tell how much time had the designer worked for the details.

Jonathan Saunders
Simple but very chic. The color combination of the skirt is very nice.

Michael van der Ham
Nice color with interesting details in the breast line.

Emilio de la Morena
Sharp shapes with a piece of chiffon dress. Incredibly combine two different materials.

Paul Smith
Casual boyfriend shirt with a clear cut pants. Nothing can go wrong with it.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are family!

While London Fashion Week S/S 2011 is happening vividly, let's reminisce the fun and energy that New York brought us.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time to Meet Leather

photos from TFS

Men always try to add something to their boring black suits. How could they do that without going too far? Leather accessories can be what they are looking for. Same color but different texture can be completely different. The leather accessories (eyewear, ties, bow-tie......) turn the boring look to be something more, more style and sexy but not too much. Plus, every man can handle a piece of leather - it's easy!

10 Best Looks from New York Fashion Week S/S 2011

Julian Louie
Instantly become my "on-the-list" brand. Simple white shirt with unbalanced cut skirt with print on it. So simple and chic.

3.1 Phillip Lim
Like this look simply because of the patterned skirt. Nice and chic.

Well-tailored jacket and the "moth's wing" kinda like skirt caught my eyes.

The look is so soft and feminine which enhanced by the hidden emboriodered pattern. Nice!

See-through fabric seems to be "it" next season.

Love the sequinned dress and the combination with a yellow bra.

Oscar de la Renta
Very Oscar, very elegant swan.

I like the gold belt highlights the whole black dress.

Interesting idea that shirt and dress come together as a piece.

Victoria Beckham
She proves us she is not just a glamarous housewife. The shape of the dress is very dynamic.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jude Law for Dior Homme

Fashion short films are so popular right now. We have seen Marion Cotillard as a Lady Dior. Now, let's see what Jude Law brings us in Dior Homme.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Perfect Date

It is a perfect date for both men and women, isn't it?

Monday, September 13, 2010


160 seems not a very big number. But 160 years for a fashion store in Hong Kong which gives us the best from the best, that's pretty impressive.

Friday, September 10, 2010

When Mini meets Couture

Kanchan - Designer with me and my friend

Beautiful girls with beautiful dresses on

cute necklace

My favourite piece

What is it going to happen when mini meets couture? A Kanchan Couture fashion show for sure. Happened to be in the stylish event another night. It was very cool to see two very different stylish brands come together. The show was full of colors with amazing style. I particularly love the mini dress with many details and the print in the back (OMG!).

Fashion's Night Out 2010 - NYC

Sit back and enjoy the biggest and longest fashion show ever. Have some popcorns!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hide and Seek

It could be every girls' dream. Playing hide and seek in Louis Vuitton.

New Yorker in New York

photos from TFS

This is New York. Everyone play their roles no matter is major or minor, but one thing for sure is that nobody is lame. Everyone has their own interesting story from their job and experience. Everyone contribute and beautify the city in their very own way. That's how New York always stay in my "favourite city list". Gosh, I wish I live there.