Friday, May 28, 2010

Les-Filles En Vogue

I don't understand a word they are talking about, but apparently they are some of the "it" models who get a lot of Vogue editorials and covers at the moment.

p.s. Sasha is so cute talking by the car window.

Christophe Lemaire replaces Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermes

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After serving Hermes for 11 years, Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier feels tried and decided to leave Hermes in order to focus more on his own label - Jean Paul Gaultier. Sure this is a huge lost for Herme as Jean Paul Gauliter is, no doubt, talented. So who is going to take over his job? Mr. Christophe Lamaire will be the one - I thought Veronique Nichanian would take over the womenswear.

Although Christophe did create some good designs that full of romance and French chic sportswear for Lacoste, could he handle a over 100-year-old brand and take it to the next level? Time would tell us.

p.s there are not many Phoebe Philo who can totally shake up a brand and turn it into something spectacular.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SEX ! Sex and the City 2 - The Movie

Only two more days, the movie I most look forward to this year will be shown in ....... New York ! not Hong Kong. Hong Kong fans have to wait till early June. Anyway, that's not what I want to say. All I want to say is ......, as a huge huge fan of SATC, I am so excited to watch another new-released trailer. Not only I can see the fabulous clothes, but also I can sneak peek the sub-plot such as Carrie meets Adian again in Abu Dahai - love to see what will happen between them.

Okay. Let's talk about fashion. Halston, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Loubution, Jean Paul Gaultier...... all the famous house-hold names appear to the screen pieces after pieces. Sure, it catches audience attention. But somehow, by watching "Carries best looks from SATC", I realize the clothes from TV version are styled more in a low-key way and that would surprise me more. Perhaps, that's the drawback when you have too much budget, you would buy more "total" look straight from the runways rather than finding some interesting pieces from vintage shops and mix and match to create your own one. Sure the clothes in the movie screen are amazing and fabulous, but I think I like to mix and match with some old vintage clothes and the other more.

By the way, I love the 10 looks from the video and especially the chiffon dress with the white blazer that Carrie wore and ran with on the street in Paris after she left Petrovsky in a museum.

p.s I am still very looking forward to the movie and the city that is full of SEX.

Fringes Leather Heels from Alexander Wang

Frindes Leather heels

Freja Laced Zip Boots
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Another amazing heels, Alexander Wang constantly creates some of the best heels I have seen. We have already seen Freja Laced Zip Boots everywhere, from Paris, Milan to London and New York, on streets. I predict this Fringes Leather will have the same impact.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Very provocative campaign

Kate Moss & Top Shop, never dull

I have to say I love this collection so much. Every piece looks amazingly attractive both in terms of design and price (i suppose). Love the white silk one-piece with butterflies on - romantic yet sexy. The feather cape is definitely a "must have" item. I think it goes pretty well with just a white plain t-shirt - is like something McQueen will design.

p.s Love they way Kate Moss moves in the video - so fashionably sexy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing Crystal at Lane Crawford

cute decor

Me and Sarah Rutson - Fashion Director of Lane Crawford

Exquisitely made French Crystal - Baccarat has arrived with a whole new collection at Lane Crawford. Very nice colors and craftsmanship turn every pieces to be an unique, royal and rich artwork. It will be prefect to put one on a dining table with beautiful food - even just a sandwich. Don't you think?

Nine West F/W 2010 Presentation

one of my favourite

Hong Kong Fashion Model - Ana R

Hong Kong Fashion Model - Amanda S

Me & Fred Allard - Creative Director of Nine West

Having a privilege to sneak peek Nine West F/W 2010 collection is definitely a thrill for me. Lots of nice designs have still stayed in my mind. The very nice faux fur ankle boots, heels with buckles and the elegant dresses on the models. The collection is very wide-ranged, from elegant heels to rock style boots. Ladies, you now have something to look forward to for the whole hot summer.

Congratulation ! Lara and David

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What a happy couple! Supermodel Lara Stone and English Comedian David Walliams just got married. With her prefect model figure and the custom Givenchy, Lara appeared to be just amazing and happy. That's what a woman just needs - fabulous clothes and happiness with the man she loves. Congrat !

p.s David looks so good compare to the character he plays in Little Britain.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love Actually

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Wish he will find another one again soon.

Karlie Kloss for YSL beauty

photo from TFS

10 Gods in Fashion

photos from TFS

Sure they are the "Gods" in fashion without any doubt. They bring us the best from the best, incredible design and lifestyle. Just wondering which 10 people will be the "Fashion God" in future - Alexander Wang? Sure he will be at least nominated.


photos from TFS

Eden is a fashionable destination. In there, woman dresses in hot beautiful designer clothes, heels and wear beautiful make-up and hair style. She got the best flowers from Amsterdam, the best fruits from California. All she has to do is to relax and be beautiful, doesn't need any Adam or whoever he is. I wonder where is the Eden in todays world.