Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Best and Worst Outfits in amfAR Gala

Many models, actresses and desginers went to amfAR Gala. Many people means many good and bad outfits and style. Let's take a look at what goes right and wrong with them.

Best : Karolina Kurkova

Nice choice of outfit. Detailed dress with cool satin blazer - feminie yet strong. And the ankle boots go really went with the clothes.

Good : Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson

Just like an Italian mother and daughter. Color, pattern bound together perfectly. Vanessa's jacket impeccably enrich the long black gown.
    Good : Stanley Tucci

    Working with Devil wears Prada - Meryl Streep definitely helps him to stay in fashion. Perfect tuxedo with polished pointy shoes - never went wrong. Stanley actually turned the suit even better than most of the other "Tuxedo Wearers" because of his gentility and maturity.

    Good : Georgianna Robertson

    Yellow is her good friend. The contrast of her skin tone and the gown become our eye-candy. The pose helped to showcase her sexy body and the gown.

    Worst : Meryl Streep

    Prada definitely vanished in this Devil. Wrong Wrong Wrong hair and outfits. Pale face and oversized clothes - She just look like a middle-aged housewife.

    Bad : Doutzen Kores

    Hello hooker! You are not suppose to be here! Sorry Doutzen , the hair and the dress are way too sexy for her consider her own face already screams "Sexy" Too much is too much.
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  1. You're damn right.
    Meryl Streep looks awful.
    Good Job