Monday, March 15, 2010

Boobs is a new trend in fashion editorial?

Natasha Poly in Numero Tokyo April 2010

Marcell Rocha in French Revue de Modes

Abbey Lee Kershaw in 25 Magazine Spring 2010

Constance Jablonski in 25 Magazine Spring 2010

Iselin Steiro in Interview Magazine

Iris Strubegger in Purple Fashion 2010 Spring

Morgane Dubled by Sylvie Malfray

Tamara Jade in Mirage Magazine

photos from TFS and

Since early March till now, I have seen at least 10 -12 ( sure the exact number is higher ) editorials unnecessarily featured women' breasts. Is that a new trend of doing fashion editorials?

Nudity in fashion is not a new thing, but seeing breasts in 15 days is definitely a new phenomenon in fashion editorials. Designers (especially those who are not very well-known) used to showcase see-through clothes to get few more photographs taken. But now, magazine is using the same trick to boost their sale. From covers to editorials, from showing nipples to whole breasts. Can fashion readers take that much breasts?

In my belief, women cover their breasts with hands, arms....whatever is much more sexier than showing their whole "area". At first, showing whole breasts and pose fashionably is cool....... but too much is too much, it's gonna ruin it. So...... please don't devalue the sexiness of women. It won't be sexy anymore in the future, coz we've seen them all!

Showing a leather jacket or a nice cardigan does not necessarily require to show breasts too.

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