Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i.t Sexy N Rock Party

Elli Rose

Watanabe Chikako

( From left to the right ) Cara.G , Jessica C and Marie Zhuge

Elli Rose (left) and Watanabe Chikako (right)

Happened to join the i.t Sexy N Rock Party the other night. It was so much fun and the fashion show was fabulous. But, unlike, other fashion parties I have attended. This time, I got the privilege to be a reporter to interview a well-known Japanese fashion model (Elli Rose) Thanks to i.t for such a rare opportunity.

What to read the detailed interview? Just roll down a bit.

Interviewing with Elli Rose before the party

BackandBack : B
Elli Rose : E

B: What is it like to be a model in Japan ?
E: It is very fun actually. We got so many different designers and style in Japan. Many photo shoots have to be done. It is fun.

B: What is you favorite fashion brand ?
E: So hard to pick a favourite as I have so many. I like different style like Chanel, Rick Owens and all that, but I am also in love with Japanese brands like what I am wearing now is a very cool Japanese brand from i.t. I like vintage clothes as well because you can mix and match with it. Many Japanese people like to mix and match too as you can develop your own personal style in this way and it is fun.

Elli Rose's words to the Hong Kong young designers

Thanks again to i.t for an amazing sexy party with so much FASHION.

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